SensorBox Station

Satellite Linked | Solar Powered

SensorBox Station

The ‘SensorBox Station’ from Appmatix is built using the Globalstar STX3 modem on its own dedicated circuit board and housed in a Puck enclosure.

Solar as well as the Puck are connected to the SensorBox through a standard UV Shielded Network cable in PoE configuration. 

The Station is modular and other sensors can be added or removed for custom bespoke requirements. Please enquire if you require a bespoke solution.




Particularly suited for the Poultry industry. The SensorBox Station has use cases also for Pig farming.


Due to the SensorBox Stations modularity, additional CO2 and gas sensors can be added for use.


The SensorBox Station is ultra-rugged and easily deployed for similar weather station use in harbor's.

Product Parts

Globalstar STX 3 Modem

We made a custom circular PCB to house the STX3 + Patch antenna. Our PCB is connected via PoE standard to the Main Box using UV Shielded Cat5e Network Cable..

30 Watt Mono Solar Panel

Our solar regulator is also another one of our own designs. Providing intelligence of each SensorBox Station to our dashboard. Such as Volt levels and battery status. 

Main Box + LiPO4 Battery

Housing the controller & sensor suite PCB as well as the LiPO4 battery. It has dials to scroll through the data and is displayed on a LCD screen for onsite viewing.

SensorBox Station


Once Off

  • Puck Satellite Uplink
  • ZincClamp
  • 30Watt Panel



Once Off

  • Satellite Fee
  • When Needed
  • Can Bundle

Platform Fee



  • Cloud Dashboard
  • Unlimited Messages
  • 9 Byte

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Appmatix personnel are a combination of Networking specialists & High-End Software engineers with over 15 years of experience.

We specialize in bespoke turn-key solutions for the enterprise market. Our hardware PCB's are custom made and software platforms are closed-source cloud instances.

We firmly believe in establishing long lasting relationships through excellent service & dedication.

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